Musicfest Northwest – Day 2

Posted on Sep 13, 2011



We headed to Doug Fir for day two.  We arrived early to eat dinner first.  This allowed us to keep an eye on the door to gauge how long the line for the concert would get.  We knew that this show would most likely sell out and the only band we set out to see was going on at 12am.  Doug Fir doesn't have many seating options, so it was a priority for us to get there early so we could camp out and save our energy for later.




After dinner we stood in line in the heat again to gain entrance to the concert stage in the basement.  Luckily since we alread had our wristbands already, we were able to jump this line and enter right when the doors opened.  This gave us our choice among the wall benches and we strategically sat next to one of the only two tables there so we could have a surface to set drinks on.  The A/C at the Doug Fir was phenomenal.  We were almost cold at times.  It was night and days from last night's show. 



Local band, Brainstorm, opened the night's festivities.  I really liked them a lot.  Who can resist the tuba?  I'll definitely be on the look out for their album.




Purity Ring was the 2nd act and they blew us away.  It was almost more performance art than a concert.  So original, complete with a instrument made out of pipes that lit up when played.  I loved how such care was taken in the appearance of the stage.  All kinds of objects lit up including a big bass drum.  These crazy concoctions made for a very dark show.  They used no stage lights.  It took effort to get a semi decent picture because the lights flashed on and off pretty rapidly.



The third band called White Arrows and they felt pretty out of place during this very avant garde night.  I didn't particularly care for them.  




Finally Phantogram, from New York, took the stage.  This was a must see band for our friend.  I had never heard of them before.  The bench seats were great to stand on and we had an unobstructed view of the stage.  The place was so packed that if I was down on the floor, I wouldn't have been able to see and I'm not a fan of being jostled around.  I was still able to dance and had a great time.  It was perfect.



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