Musicfest Northwest – Day 3

Posted on Sep 14, 2011



We used mass transit on day 3 of MFNW.  I felt bad for not busing to the Crystal or Doug Fir, but quite frankly it's a very super quick drive to both of those for me.  Busing would have required at least 2 buses and in the 95 degree weather, I just didn't have tolerance for a lengthy commute.  But this night we were headed to see Iron & Wine at Pioneer Courthouse Square which made busing a breeze.  




We arrived in time to catch the last of Marketa Irglová's set.  We spent most of that time in the honkin' huge line to get a honkin'  huge burrito for dinner.  Trust me, get the small – it's still massive.  The movie Once is an amazing movie and I was excited to see Marketa Irglová and had a small hope that she would play songs from that soundtrack, nonetheless all of her songs were beautiful.  I was bummed that I missed Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, the opening act.  She had recently played a show and all of my friends raved about how great the concert was.  




We stood in a decent spot about halfway back.  There was plenty of time to wait during set up, so I experimented with my 360panorama app.  I wished I had done more, but it was kind of weird taking the time needed to record the photo in the middle of a crowd. 




The place was packed and it was fun to see folks on the balcony at Departure taking in the event.  Lots of folks also listened for free outside of the gates.  It really felt like we were in Portland's living room.




Iron & Wine is a concert that was very high up on my list of must sees.  I happily paid the extra fee to guarentee we'd be able to see the show.  It was great.  I really enjoyed being in the open air listening to such amazing music.  I'm a big fan.  The songs felt slower and jazzier than on the album which is great (we can all listen to the album), but I wished they choose to speed up the set to increase the dance-ability of the songs.  Marketa Irglová sang back up which was very cool.



After Iron & Wine ended, we walked a block and jumped on the #4 Fessenden to Mississippi Studios.  I had plotted the route earlier in the day and had programed in the bus stop IDs in my pdx bus app (I use this app everyday and I love it.  It's never wrong), so that I could check  bus arrivals in a matter of seconds.  I was nervous to get to Mississippi Studios late.  I was very excited about the bands we were going to see and Mississippi Studios is a super tiny venue.  




First up at 10pm was Fernando.  He was a must see for me.  I have been a fan of his for well over a decade.  He is also the nicest man.  He used to come into the coffee shop I used to manage for coffee.  I can't believe that I've never seen him perform in all these years.  I really didn't want to miss him this time around and he definitely didn't disappoint.  I finally got to really dance.  He also played 'Angelyne' which is one of my very favorite songs of his. 




At 11pm was Dan Mangan from Canada.  His album 'Nice, Nice, Very Nice' has been a staple on my playlist for most of this year.  Every song is catchy and he's got a great voice.  It was just him and his guitar which gave him freedom to change things up and he even chided an audience member for talking during the set.  I really enjoyed hearing the back stories to many of his songs.  The best thing about this concert was that we got to sing!  The whole audience joined him in many songs and we were quite loud during 'Robots'.  Dan walked into the audience and we had a communal singing moment.  It was just great fun.  Check out this picture taken from his set.  I'm the only one who seems to be moving, although I can't really make out what I'm actually doing. 




Rhett Miller performed at 12am.  We hadn't planned to stay for his set since it was another late night and we didn't know too much about him.  I'm so glad we stayed.  He was so energetic and had the whole crowd (which was pretty packed by this time) dancing.  I had a great time. 




At the end of the night, we opted to take a cab home.  We did stop for substance at the 24 hour pancake house.  Eating hashbrowns at 2am is something I haven't done in at least 10 years.  This was definitely my favorite day out of the festival.  From the grandness of Iron & Wine to the down home sounds of Fernando, I couldn't have asked for more.

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  1. Early morning eats! Good times. I LOVED that pic you linked to! You were doing the hand jive weren’t ya? :)

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