Hello Etsy: Portland

Posted on Sep 16, 2011


Hello Etsy: Portland is tomorrow!  I’ve been so excited to attend this sold out conference geared towards the small business owner – not just crafters.  The schedule of speakers is top notch and I know I’m going to learn so much.

A few months back, my good friend Jen Neitzel (co-chair of Hello Etsy) asked if I would be willing to prepare all the materials for the “make your own conference program journal”.  These journal kits will be given to each attendee and they will bind and decorate them. Once complete, folks will have a personalized journal for taking copious notes during the day. I was so happy to help and I’m glad I could give back to such a worth organization as I Heart Art: Portland.

Here is an article they wrote about me and my mad hole punching and corner rounding skills.  

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  1. So cool, Jolie! And they probably aren’t even aware of your amazing wedding coordinator skills.

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