Happy Easter

Posted on Apr 8, 2007


For Easter Dinner, my husband and I headed over to my sister’s house for dinner.  It was a small affair with 8 people total and everyone brought a dish.  I was in charge of the cheese mashed potatoes; a staple and tradition in our family. 

My niece had the idea of making Peep place markers.  She made them all herself.  I couldn’t have been happier with my Peep.  I love how creative my niece is;  I think it runs in our family.


  1. That’s the best use for a Peep I’ve ever seen!

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  2. You got to eat the placemarker for dessert, didn’t you? I love those Peeps! And yes, creativity does run in your family.

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  3. Very cute. What a creative idea! I would say it does run in the family with the exception of me. ;)

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