Rain Drops at Destination Imagination

Posted on Apr 17, 2007


On Saturday morning before Destination Imagination, I had about an hour to kill before reporting for duty.  I had wanted to find a place where I could read my book.  It had just rained, so there wasn’t a dry place to sit.  Instead, I got out my camera and took some pictures.  I was trying to practice photographing drops of water.  I’ve cropped most of these pictures.  Cropping gives me the ability to create the picture that I see in my mind’s eye.  I can get past the limitations of my camera and get to the subject matter I really want to focus on.







  1. Which one do you like the best? I love the first one! You can see the flipped image in the waterdrop! Or at least I think I can!

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  2. I love the third one, with the lichen. You’re really good, Jolie!

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