Labor of Love

Posted on May 3, 2007


Check this out.  This is a embroidered 1 minute long phone conversation.  Louisa Bufardeci came up with this amazing idea.  When I looked at this I instantly thought that it would be super cool to embroider labor contractions.   I think it would be a very cool abstract art project to embroider and frame a few contractions.  You could do it in nursery colors and hang it in your baby’s room.   Do people keep the contraction print outs?  Being a non-breeder, I have no idea.  Hey friend and family breeders, is this something you are interested in?  I would love to make art out of your pain.  :)    


  1. I loved your post this morning! I also am a non-breeder and was very amused by your idea.

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  2. That would be awesome! You should totally do that! You’ve helped with enough deliveries. Ask them!

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