Handmade Gifts

Posted on May 14, 2007


Of course every good holiday celebration is accompanied with gifts.  My mom out did herself this year.  She presented me with these two professionally framed pictures.  I drew these images when I was four.  She took the images and embroidered them onto black fabric.  They are just stunning.   I can’t believe how great these turned out.   I just love them.  What an amazing present!



She also gave me this framed story of a conversation we had when I was nine.  Let me just tell you I was very into stickers at that age.  They were the coolest things ever!


My 13 year old niece made me this adorable little gnome.  He stands about three quarters of an inch tall.  I have one friend who is going to be super jealous of my super cool gnome.  My niece also made the box that the gnome came in.  I have such a talented family!


Side view of the gnome.  I need to think of a name for him. 


I made this card for my mom for Mother’s day.  If you look carefully, you can see that the knots spell out ‘Mom’.  I was going to make the letters a different color to make them really jump out, but in the end I really like this subtle approach. 


Since it was a custom made card, I didn’t have an envelop that would fit it.  So I made this envelope using the same paper that was on the card.  I think it turned out well. 


  1. so here I was feeling all cool because I sent my mom a really nice card with a really pretty picture on it- sunflowers over Tuscany or something like that. Sent her flowers. Then I see this card you MADE for your mom plus the dinner! WOW. You totally win! :)

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  2. Jealous doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel about that gnome . . . doesn’t your niece want to make another one? ;)

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  3. Anyone who wants a gnome, I’m selling them for a dollar each!

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