Family Outing to Goodwill

Posted on Jun 3, 2007


My In-laws stayed at my house Friday night.  Saturday morning we were up bright and early and at Goodwill at 8:30 am.  I love that my in-laws (along with my family) enjoy thrifting as much as I do.   We had a blast going to Goodwill, Goodwill Outlet store (also known as the ‘bins’ and a tad scary) and many garage sales.   We got to spend quality time together and also got find lots of treasure.  Here  are the craft jems that I found. 

Above is a linoleum cutter.  I’ve always wanted to try this, but never looked much into it.  Now all I need is a block of linoleum and I’m on my way.  I can’t wait to try this out.


I got very excited when I saw this Stitch-it  Kit by Sublime Stitching.  I almost bought this new when it came out.  It was in perfect condition and nothing in it had been opened or touched.


I picked up 10 unopened packages of bias tape for $1.99.  I love that there are several packages of the same color, so I can complete a project without having to try and match the colors.   Who knows how old this bias tape is?


Lastly, I found this unopened package of char-kole drawing sticks.  The beauty of Goodwill is that you can find stuff that you aren’t really looking for.  Of course, my husband just calls this being a pack rat.  I know I will use this for something in the future.  For a couple of bucks, you can’t go wrong.

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