New fused glass pieces

Posted on Jun 5, 2007


These pieces are from my very last glass class I took months ago.  The class started up again and my sister, who is taking the class, was able to pick up these pieces for me.  I think she was going to keep them for herself, but I finally remembered to ask her for them.

I love the pieces above.  The top piece is several inches long.


I also think these pieces turned out well.  The bottom two will made into earrings.  They are only a quarter inch by a quarter inch.


For the light blue pieces, I used the ends of the glass.  Usually these pieces are discarded for their irregularity, but I thought I would try to put them to use.  I really like the piece on the left.  I like how it gives it a more abstract modern look.  I will definitely do more of this in the future.


These pieces will need to be re-fired and slipped  some in the kiln.  Again, the main reason I’m not taking this glass class again is the lack of control over pieces when they are put in the kiln.


These were tack fused and I will re-fire these pieces too.


Yep, you guessed it.  These will be re-fired.  I’m not a fan of the tack fused look.


These are odd pieces that I threw together.  The piece on the bottom left, I will keep for myself and turn into a pendant.  The other two pieces will be re-fired.

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  1. Definately like the ones in the top picture! Thought the abstract one was very cool!

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