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Posted on Jul 5, 2007


I’ve been spending time trying to organize my art room.  It’s been a disaster for way too long mainly due to lack of storage.  I tend to be a bit of a pack rat, so I’m always running out of room to store my treasures.  I got new shelves about a month ago and now I’m just trying to carve out time to be in that room and to put it into order.  That is one reason for the lack of new projects.   

While going through all my stuff to organize it, I came across a bunch of wire work stuff I had done in the past.  It’s great fun to find these things.  The top picture is my name in copper wire.  Below it is some chain mail in sterling silver.  I want to finish that piece; it has great potential.


I think I wanted to make bubble wands at one point.  These are some practice pieces, although I never did make these for real.  I really like the heart in the middle which is about 3 inches long.  Probably made out of steel or another cheap base metal.


A dude make from a champagne bottle top.


Dragonfly made out of aluminum about 2 inches long.   Again,  just something I thought I would try out.  I could see making  again in the future.  I would need to work out a few kinks, but it’s a good place to start.


An unfinished necklace made out of steel.  I made all the links and little stars that are attached to the links. 


Miscellaneous wire wrap bead.  I have lots and lots of these.  Maybe once I get organized, I will have the room to finish some of these half done crafts.

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  1. I actually like that necklace. Did you ever try out the bubble wands?

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