Posted on Jul 19, 2007


I was outside trying to take good pictures of the pendants I recently made.  The light wasn’t cooperating with me at all.  I was starting to give up when I noticed this ladybug walking across my deck.  He didn’t like me trying to take his picture and would run super fast.  I had a heck of a time trying to stay up with him.  I’m glad I did because I love these shots. 

Each picture has been cropped.  That’s the only photo trick up my sleeve.   


Watching him cross the gaps in the deck was so amazing.  The gaps were as large as he was.  He had no trouble getting across.





  1. How the heck did you zoom in so close and keep the bug in focus? That’s amazing! These photos are wonderful.

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  2. Beautiful, amazing photos!

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  3. Wow — all the pics are great but the one with him straddling the gap is eztraordinary!

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  4. I concur- these shots are amazing but I LOVED the one of him (her) bridging the gap! That made me happy! It inspires me to overcome my fear of “leaping” across barriers in my daily life!

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