National Book Award Finalists – Announced in Oregon

Posted on Oct 12, 2011

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I've always had a strong love for the National Book Award.  Being an English major, I try to read award winning literature as much as I can.  While I've had some luck with the Pulitzer, Man Booker, etc winners I find, more often than not, that I'm disappointed with those books.  The National Book Award winners almost never let me down. 


I made a personal goal a few years ago to read every National Book Award for Fiction winners and finalists.  I keep a spreadsheet of these books in my purse and I'm constantly on the hunt when I'm at Goodwill.  I get a small jolt of excitement when I stumble across their emblem.


The 2011 National Book Award Finalists were announced today.  And they were announced in Portland, OR on Oregon Public Broadcasting.  Hurrah!  They have never been announced in Oregon before.  How exciting!


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  1. you know its quite interesting just to pursue the list and see what won and what didnt win. For example some book Ive never heard of beat To Kill A Mockingbird which is classic now. and I would assert far more people would vote for Catcher in the Rye over From Here to Eternity.

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