Friendly Squirrel

Posted on Aug 10, 2007


When I came home from work two days ago, I could hear a very noisy squirrel in my neighbor’s tree.  Well, anyone who knows me knows that I love squirrels.  My husband even calls me the squirrel whisperer.  I walked over and saw this dude sitting in the tree eye level with me eating a walnut.  He wasn’t scared and continued to watch me watch him.  I went inside to get my camera completely sure he would be gone by the time I came back out.  Nope, he was still happily eating.  When he finished that nut, he climbed to the highest part of the tree to get another.  Then he came back down to watch me and eat.   





When he was finished this is all that was left of his walnut. 


  1. These photos are awesome, Jolie. You are definitely the Squirrel Whisperer. :)

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