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Posted on Aug 28, 2007


My trip to Vancouver, B.C was a complete success!  It was great to spend time with family.  We packed our days full of fun activities.  I need another vacation because I’m still tired from last week.

This was taken at the top of the Space Needle.  I love having family visit.  I hadn’t been to the top of the Space Needle since I was a kid.  It was a great chance to do it all again.


This is from the Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.  This park is at the tallest spot in Vancouver, so the views were amazing.  Very nice to relax and take it all in.


Totem poles at Stanley Park.   It’s amazing how much this park had changed since I had last seen it 7 years ago.  Before there the Totem poles were out in the middle of a big field.  Now that field is a parking lot.


Half of our group rode bikes around Stanley Park which is a great way to see the park.  We stopped often to take lots of pictures.  After biking up hill we stopped and ate sandwiches at Prospect Point.


While riding bikes we came upon this raccoon and it’s baby (see the picture below).  It was so great to watch them wash their hands and look for food.  The baby is so adorable!



We also took the tram to the top of Grouse Mountain.  The ride had a few scare points when the tram swung back and forth.  The ride lasted 6 minutes.


On Grouse Mountain we got to see two rescued bears.  They were orphaned as cubs and are now raised and studied in captivity since they can’t be released to the wild.  I liked watching them try to find food that their keepers hide all over their 5 acre home.


The chair lift was one of my very favorite parts.  I was super scared since I had never been on a chair lift before.  That fear lifted seconds after taking off.  The views were amazing and it was great fun!


Definitely the scariest venture was crossing the Capilano Suspension bridge.  We all made it across, but it was scary especially when people thought they were being funny and would start rocking it back and forth.


Totem pole at Capilano Suspension bridge.


Turtle at the Chinese Garden in China Town.


China Town.

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  1. great pictures and great times! I especially like the detail of the totem pole there and the first pic from the top of the Space Needle! This trip was totally worth it and I’ll remember for years to come!

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