Wedding in Missoula

Posted on Oct 21, 2011



Last Saturday, I got to see two friends get married.  You can read more about my adventures in Montana on my walking blog.   I was thrilled that I got to be part of their celebration.  It's obvious that these two were meant for each other and it was easy to toast to their future happiness. 




My friends married at a vineyard outside of Missoula.  The grounds were gorgeous.  The ceremony was quirky, but filled with love.  I especially liked the part where the groom told the bride that it was so easy to love her and because of that, he knew they would spend the rest of their lives together.  At the end of the ceremony, they jumped over a broom together.  




This is what the sky looked like as we were waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle.  The forecast said that there was a 90% chance of rain this day.  It had poured all morning long, but luckily it was dry and beautiful for this outdoor wedding.  



We had many wedding crashers.  4 deer were very tame and knew that good food was close by.  They kept wandering closer and closer.  I loved seeing them and spent some time trying to take their pictures.  



This distraction was also perfect for me during all of the mingling time before and after the wedding.  Those situations can be hard for me, so whenever I felt like I had enough, I would wander off to find the deer.  It kept me from getting overwhelmed.   



The food was delicious!  They served cassoulet from a wheelbarrow and we also had duck and salad.   It was down home gourmet and the grapes on the tables were beautiful.



I love weddings because there is always time to reflect on my own life and my own wedding.  My wedding was really the best day of my life and it's fun to think about all the things we did and the friends and family we had to celebrate with us.   




After dinner, there was a large bonfire.  This was so nice because the temperature dropped pretty quickly and the fire was perfect.  




 After awhile, the fire kept growing and growing.  I love taking pictures of it and caught some really weird images such as this picture that looks like a man of fire.  



 After the wedding, we all headed downtown to watch the groom play bass with his band.  It was the perfect way to end this wonderful day.



  1. That Man of Fire pic is amazing! I love that! Yeah your wedding was pretty awesome. I was really happy it all worked out so well.

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  2. This Fire picture is fabulous. I think this moment is really good for you and your wedding is really amazing. I impressed by that.

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