Encaustic Painting Class

Posted on Dec 13, 2007


Here are my paintings from the Encaustic class my sister and I took on Tuesday.  I am super happy with the top painting.  When doing Encaustic painting the whole idea is to build up layer after layer of beeswax on a wood surface.  After each layer a heat gun is used to fuse the wax and to remove any air that is trapped between the layers.  Once you have some layers to work with you can carve into the wax to add more detail.  It gives it sort of an inlaid look to it.  The bird is dark red felt that I secured to my painting with wax.


This painting started off not so good.  I was getting frustrated until I decided to just add lots of different circles.  Then it all came together and now I really love this one too.  My sister had brought different bolts and odds and ends that I used like cookie cutters and pushed in the wax.  Then I filled the holes with different colored wax.  Finally I carved away the excess wax to reveal the inlaid look. 

I really enjoyed this medium a lot and would love to do more.  The wax is very forgiving and easy to work with.  If something went wrong you can just carve it out and start again.    The class was great.  Elise has a beautiful studio and I really liked that the class maxed out at 5 people.  My sister and I are thinking about taking it again and making more paintings.


  1. Wow – very cool! I love the felt bird.

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  2. Nice work Jolie! We met briefly at Rebel Rabbit as I was admiring your pendants. That was a great show! I am an art instrutor and encaustic painter too and Elise is a friend of mine. She does have a great studio. Keep on painting! ~ Linda Womack, http://www.lindawomack.com

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