Christmas Present – Beaded Jewelry

Posted on Jan 4, 2008


I made the above necklace for my cousin in Toronto.  I’m really pleased with this.  The Turquoise beads in the middle and the tiny shell beads in between came from my Grandmother’s jewelry.  While not my cousin’s Grandmother, she was part of my life and my cousin grew up hearing stories about this amazing women.  The other beads that make up the majority of the necklace are wood.


This necklace is for my niece.  I  have a huge fascination with fishing supplies.  While shopping for presents for the men in the family, I got to check out all the super cool fishing accessories that can easily lend themselves to jewelry.  The green beads are really fishing floats.  They are foam that I sewed through.  This makes the necklace extremely lightweight. 


Previously, I had made a necklace very similar to this for myself.  My sister always really liked it and I told her I would make her one too.   So I did!  The center piece is supposed to be ancient pottery.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I sure do like it!  The green beads of the necklace match the green in the pendant.  This picture is not the best.


This necklace is for my sister’s best friend.  They have been friends for many years and she is pretty much considered family now.  I always have so much fun when I spend time with her.


The top pair of earrings are for my mom.  She was in the Red Hat Society for awhile.  I didn’t know until after giving her the earrings that she had a bad experience with them.  Oops!  The bottom pair is for my sister, the knitting queen.  Her talent always amazes me.


  1. Wow! These are all so great. I LOVE the pottery necklace. It looks like you can turn just about anything (fishing floats?) into jewelry. I’ll have to look for something special in NZ for you to use in a a necklace.

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  2. Hey this is getting weird. I wore the tie when you blogged about the tie and now you are blogging about the necklace, I just wore it all night last night. I think it fits okay now. It didn’t feel tight at all. Anyway it’s very cool and I like the look a lot. I also like that it’s something to remember your grandma by.

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