Christmas Present – Embroidered Felt Barrettes

Posted on Jan 14, 2008


I'm really excited to blog about these barrettes.  This was one of my favorite projects this year.  I found the idea on Angry Chicken (a huge asset to the Portland Craft Community).  I keep a running draft email where I house craft ideas I find that I might want to make in the future.  I reviewed the ideas I found over the past year looking for Christmas present ideas and this covered barrette project jumped out at me.


I made two sets of these pink barrettes for my young nieces.  For these I followed Angry Chicken's tutorial pretty closely. I hand sewed the sequins and seed beads to a round piece of felt which I sewed onto the flower.  I also hand sewed the felt barrette cover because my sewing machine and I haven't been feeling the love.   


Well, I was hooked!  I wanted to make barrettes for everyone, but thought the covered version didn't look hip enough for friends.  I remembered these felt flowers and knew I was on to something.  The inside flower is a die cut from Kansas.  I cut out two larger flowers.  One larger flower was folded in half and I cut two quarter inch parallel slits.  Then I put both larger flowers together and sewed a die cut flower to both layers.  Finally I slipped the clip in through the slits and secured the barrette by sewing on the center of the flower (which admittedly didn't work perfectly, glue might be more permanent).   


I made 7 pairs in all.  Here my sister models her pair.  After Christmas, I made myself a pair.  Mine are in the first picture.   


  1. Adorable! I love my pair. What can’t That Jolie Girl do?!

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  2. Love ‘em. Please figure out a way to make these felt flowers on a pony tail band or scrunchie. Wouldn’t that look great?

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  3. It was cool to finally see what you were talking about! Looks great! See? All those felt flowers actually turned out to be useful! Who knew? (You did I guess!)

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  4. So cute!!! I’m going to making some for my dd tonight.

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