Christmas Present – Soldered Pendant

Posted on Jan 24, 2008


I made these pendants in the soldering class I took at Dava Beads.  I actually made about 9 pendants in total, but for some reason I haven’t taken pictures of the other pendants yet.  The pendant in the middle went to my kiln partner who owns the Funky Door Cafe.  The pendant on the left went to my mom and the pendant on the right went to a very good friend.  For those, I hand drew the Celtic knots on shrinky dinks.  Then I enclosed the shrinky dinks in glass and soldered the pendant.  I had really wanted to learn how to do this since I love to draw celtic knots.  The only problem I had with the shrinky dinks is that after they cooked, they would come out a bit crooked.   I also made a pendant that has a plane on one side and a rose on the other for a friend.  This once class yielded many presents and I even got to keep some pendants for myself. 


This is the reverse side of the pendants in the first picture.

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