Christmas Present – Grand Finale

Posted on Jan 25, 2008


This is the last of the things I made for Christmas this year.  I saved the best for last.  I set out to make a scarves for the Farmer and his wife.  I used a seed stitch (k1, p1, repeat) for the scarves.  I just love this stitch and couldn’t get enough of it, so I kept making scarves.  In all I made 14 scarves.  My husband said that this was a bit nutty and I think he’s right.  I started knitting Halloween weekend and I was finished 2 days before Christmas.  I perfected the pattern I came up with and I couldn’t stop knitting.  Below are 12 of the scarves.  I made two more after taking this picture.


Jolie’s Scarf Pattern

  • Cast on 9 stitches
  • Seed stitch (k1, p1, repeat) until you only have about 1 foot or 2 of  yarn left
  • Bind off

It’s really just that easy.  This was such a fun project.  It keeps my hands busy through many movies.  The scarves are super warm and I’ve been wearing mine (I couldn’t resist, I wanted one too!) everyday. 


  1. I love my scarf and have been wearing the heck out of it this week during this cold weather. Thanks!

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  2. Hurray for Jolie’s scarf! I love mine, too, and I’ve had several friends ask where they could buy one!

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  3. Mine’s green. Newport may be in the low 30′s but it’s COLD none the less. I love my scarf!

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  4. PS – that’s one pretty darn cute model!

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  5. I wore mine out and about just last night! Love it! Thanks Jolie Girl!

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  6. I’m having a difficult time finding solid colored yarn. Where do you shop?
    I, too, am obsessed with knitting!

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  7. hi, i want to kame thi scarf… i’m a total newbie… what size needles should i use? thanks.

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  8. Hi! I love this seed stitch scarf. I’m a novice knitter and want to make a chunky scarf like that for my 19 yr old bro for Christmas. I’ve only knitted with much thinner, medium weight yarn and size 10 needles. What size needles did you use?

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