Christmas Present – The Niece

Posted on Jan 28, 2008


My niece is embracing the craftiness that runs in our family.  For Christmas, she gave me this basket that she made at summer camp.  She had made several and this one was my favorite.  I dropped a very subtle hint that I would love this as a Christmas present.  I was so excited when I unwrapped it.  It’s just so beautiful. 


She made my mom this fimo Christmas tree with tiny presents.  The tree stands about 2 inches high.  I got a gnome Santa Claus that is just adorable.  Besides these handmade gifts, each family member also got a DVD my niece made.  All on her own, she grabbed the video camera and made a 10 minute movie of a talk show where she was both host and guest.  We all watched it together on Christmas eve and it’s so funny!  My niece really is an actress.

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  1. Omg! That is an adorable tree! I want a copy of that DVD sometime! Or just post it on YouTube or something. Whatever works best. Sounds cute! That basket looks like something I made in junior high (I remember soaking the reeds to make them pliable) but hers is much MUCH better. Like times twenty.

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