Thank You Card

Posted on Jan 29, 2008


I made this Thank You card after Christmas.  Yep, I used same the felt flowers that I used for Christmas barrettes.  I did a simple back stitch for the stem.  I can remember sewing on cards when I was in middle school.  I don’t think I’ve really done this since then. 


This was an easy card to make and the white card stock came from an old Christmas card.  I love being able to reuse items like this, so I don’t have to go purchase card stock.  I used double stick tape to secure the white and purple paper together.  I also used double stick tape to secure the flowers to the card stock so they didn’t slip around when I was stitching.  I cut another piece of white card stock the same size as the cover that I secured inside the card.  That’s where I wrote my thank you.


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  1. Okay this is super cute! I love how this came out and how it’s all recycled. Good times! I have a bunch of Christmas cards/birthday cards. What other crafty ideas do you have for them?

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