New Path for 2012

Posted on Jan 1, 2012



I’ve been percolating my thoughts for the last couple months on what direction I want to take in 2012.  That’s the wonderful thing about a new year – a fresh start is possible and it’s a great time to make adjustments to one’s life and to focus on what is really important. 2011 was the year of investigating the life of a professional crafter.  I accomplished most of the goals I had set up for myself.  I was selling my crafts in stores.  I participated in 3 craft fairs over the holiday season.  I even had an online store set up with my wares.  I met great people and stepped out of my comfort zone several times.  




I found myself perched on the ledge of finally making it.  I was far from being a financial success, but I was at: The. Next. Step.  I have been at this place before.  I’ve had the ideal of being a professional crafter for as long as I can remember.  Each time I’ve found myself at the place where the next leap is required, I’ve always pulled back. For 2011 – I was determined to finally follow through.  This was my dream, right?  It was time to stop pulling back.  So I gave it all the gusto I had and I found myself on the verge…and I didn’t want to make that next step.




Just because you make things, doesn’t  mean you have to sell.  

This was said by a good friend in passing to someone else.  I happened to catch this sentence and it just felt right.  I started to tell people that I wasn’t going to sell in 2012.  Hard!  This was a hard decision to make and I waffled on it almost everyday.  It has little to do with making money.  This is a paradigm shift to my core identity. I’ve always identified as a crafter or creative.  If I am not actively working towards the goal of professional crafter – who am I?




I am a crafter.  I like to make things – and I will continue to do so.  But I’m going to hang up my hat of professional crafter, at least, for 2012. While soul searching these past couple of months, I figured out a few things about myself.  Well, I’ve always known these things, but now I’m at the point where I can embrace them.  I like my day job.  I work 30 hours a week and it gives me everything I need to survive (pay, health care, bus pass, etc).  I like the structure of a day job.  I like being able to leave work at work and not think of it again until I return.  I like that taxes and such are handled for me; I like having holidays and time off.  My job is one mile (3 bus stops) from my house, I’m off work at 2:30pm, and I have Fridays off.  It’s a dream schedule.  I have finally decided to stop fighting a job that is such a good fit for me.




In my free time, I am going to use my crafty skills to make my home life better – all of the duties I had shirked while working on my craft business.  I’m looking forward to embracing more domestic duties and crafting a better life for me and my husband.  2012 will be a great year!



  1. The great thing about life is that it changes and changes can be fascinating and fun. It’s a good thing to reach old age and be able to say “I’m so glad I tried that”. Peel the labels off that define you as just this or just that. Sometimes, things turn out to be phases we go through; but often we return again and again to those things that resonate the most deeply within us. I just wish there were more hours in a day – I fill them up so quickly with all those things I enjoy!

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  2. I know! There definitely should be more hours in the day. I think this new phase will be good for me. I’m so excited to start!

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