Sylvia Beach Hotel

Posted on Apr 22, 2008


I was given a gift certificate to the Sylvia Beach Hotel.  The person who gave it to me couldn’t use it and it had one week left before it expired.  Luckily we got to use it Sunday, the last day it was valid.  The Sylvia Beach Hotel has rooms themed after different authors.  We stayed in the Herman Melville room.  We had a great view of the beach.  We also had a wonderful dinner there that night. 


Sunday afternoon was beautiful!  It was definitely cold and I needed a coat and a hat to walk along the beach, but the sun was out.  I just love these birds all perfectly in line.


I happened upon this carving while looking for fossils in the rocks.


When we started walking on the beach, it looked like this.  At the end of our walk, it was getting pretty stormy.  We were snug in our hotel room just minutes before it started to hail. 


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  1. Love that pic of the sunshine and beach below! Put that in your next gallery exhibition! What was the feedback from that btw? Did you have a comment book? I love those! You know how I live to comment. It’s what I do.
    Checked out the website. That Agatha Christie room sounded REALLY cool!!

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