New Tagline – Crafting a Better Life.

Posted on Jan 2, 2012


 2011 blog banner


I’ve had my tagline Crafty, Yet Shy since I started my blog back in April 2005.  It fit me perfectly and I found courage using it.  It became a shield to protect myself as I entered the scary new world of blogging and to let people who visited my blog to get an instant insight into my life.  I’m shy.  It’s something I’ve struggled with all my life.  Owning this trait also empowered me to start working through some of my shy-ness.


Flower Blog banner 2007-2010

2007-2010 blog banner


Luckily, we always continue to grow.  Over the years, I started to enter the craft community.  I made friends and went to events.  In 2011, I did many things that were far from my comfort level – and I didn’t die.  Probably the biggest accomplishment was participating as a vendor in the Mixer Match in August.  The crafty, yet shy girl of yesteryear would never have attempted this.  And I’m continuing to push that comfort zone.  I’ve recently joined two committees.  Since I’m not going to sell in 2012, I thought maybe committee work would be an outlet to help me stay in the craft community.  Let me tell you, I am freaked (super freaked!) about being on these committees, but I also know it will be a great learning experience for me.  It will help me to continue to grow.


Blog Banner 2005-2007

2005-2007 blog banner


When I decided to shift the goals of my home life, I knew I wanted to create a brand new blog banner to help make a visual shift too. Very organically, my new tagline emerged.  Crafting a Better Life – encapsulates my change in path.  It has a positive intention and a mandate for me to follow.  My hope is that my blogging will spur me to make these new exciting changes for my household.  What do you think of my new banner?


Banner 8

2012 blog banner




  1. You may be crafty and shy, but you are also insanely talented, generous, loving, patient, compassionate, cute and you make the rest of us happy when we’re around you. I think you are absolutely fantastic!

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  2. Thanks Connie! You are always so supportive of me and my adventures. I’m so lucky to have you in my life!

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  3. I’m so proud of you, Jolie! You’re going to rock 2012!!

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  4. Love the new banner…and your courage to move forward! I constantly struggle with being self-conscious & shy…I hope to change that in 2012! Happy New Year to you!!

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  5. Happy New Year to you too, Maya! Thanks so much for the feedback on the new banner. Your blog is great too! I really like reading all about the amazing stuff you create.

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  6. I am really excited for you to explore this new direction, Jolie! Your creativity is inspiring. And the new banner and tagline rock!

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  7. Thanks Smartwick! Such great support! I really think I’m headed in a good direction for this year!

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