Mother’s Day

Posted on May 12, 2008


For Mother’s Day, I made these cards for my mother and mother-in-law.  I traced the flowers onto card stock and then embroidered the flowers.   It’s a bit tricky embroidering paper which can tear easily.  Since I couldn’t see from the back side where my needle should go, I made those holes with my needle first which created a guide for my needle.


PackRat Power: The purple card stock is leftover from my wedding invitations 8 years ago.  The white glossy card stock  is from a botched print job from my last job.  They were going to throw out a big box of this paper since one side is printed.  I grabbed it and have been using it for projects ever since.


Each mom got a themed basket.  Cooking for my mother-in-law and spa for my mom.  I am blessed that our families can celebrate together.  We went for a wonderful Italian meal and then met up at my sister’s house for presents and chocolate cupcakes (that were to die for!).


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  1. I have my mixing bowl full of cooking goodies sitting right on the dining room table, where I’ve been admiring all the contents this morning. You and Greg couldn’t have selected a better Mother’s Day gift for me. I love new kitchen toys! And new music! We had such a fun time visiting with your family. I am the luckiest mother in law in the world!

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