Camping at Sand Lake

Posted on May 27, 2008


Last weekend was spent camping at Sand Lake.  My husband's family loves to ride four wheelers.  Even my five year old niece loves to ride.  Here she is going around camp.  All the kids did endless circles around camp.


I used to be super scared of the bikes, but now I really have a great time.  The family doesn't laugh at me as much any more when I drive.  Before they would steer clear and stifle their laughter.


Besides riding bikes, we did all the usual camping stuff complete with roasting marshmallows.  There is nothing like sitting around a campfire.


There was a full moon and I spent lots of time trying to get the perfect shot.  This was about the best I could get.  I still need to read my camera manual.


We were fortunate to be camping relatively close to an outhouse.  It sure beats digging a hole in the sand.  :)  


  1. Yeah, I agree with danifesto. That picture is super strange. It took me a long time to even figure out what it was!

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