Vice President of Localization, Simplification and Healthification

Posted on Jan 3, 2012


Almost exactly a year ago, my husband promoted me in the household.  He made me the VP of Localization and Simplification. He thought that since I was working part time I could devote a few of my new found hours to simplifying our lives.  It was a great idea and I loved having a title, but I did nothing with the title for a year.  It sat on the back burner while life continued to be hectic and awesome and just life.

IMG_1295 (2)

I kept coming back to this title and all of it’s possibilities.  I really liked everything about it, but it didn’t feel complete.  If I wanted to really create a better life for us, I needed to add one more item to better round out this project.  I am now the Vice President of Localization, Simplification and Healthification.  Now, a new year is here and it’s time to fully embrace my vice presidency.



Localization – We are proud Oregonians and Portlanders.  We are also devoted to the local movement.  I firmly believe in the power of voting with our dollars. While we already buy local often, I will work on doing more.  Besides consuming local products, as VP I’ll work on getting us more involved in our community as well as taking advantage of the amazing cultural activities Portland has to offer.




Simplification – This is all about creating more time by finding ways to organize all aspects of our life. From time savers to space savers, I’ll be finding new ways to carve out more precious free time from our busy lives.




Healthification – While looking for a word to describe this third arm of the presidency, Healthification popped up on google searches.  It’s defined as: the process of getting your health groove on.  This is the perfect term that I wanted.  Healthification will cover everything from eating healthier to getting more exercise to finding ways to decrease stress.  This will be a conscious shift to improve our health.




Becoming the VP will help me in my quest of crafting a better life.  I hope you join me on this journey and maybe even learn a couple of things that you can incorporate into your own life.

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  1. This was awesome!! I felt like I was listening to a political stump speech in its tone and all! You are running on a well-articulated platform and I can’t wait to see how you and other members of the executive branch accomplish these goals!

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