Curse of the Butter Tart

Posted on May 29, 2008


I always look forward to presents from my cousin.  He's really good at finding local crafts for me.  This package was no different.  This LOST bracelet had me laughing!  It can apply to so many things.  I'm perpetually lost; my sense of direction has never been great.  It could mean I'm mentally lost; no comments from the peanut gallery.  Or it could be a groovy bracelet to wear while watching one of my favorite shows.  No matter what, when I wear it I think of him which is the perfect gift for me.

My cousin has been a touch cursed with the postal service.  Several items were mysteriously gone from my package including a handmade plate, candle and butter tarts.  I faired better than my Aunt who's Mother's day package consisted of nothing but the brown wrapper it was shipped in.  Maybe if he gave the post office some butter tarts, they will find the missing package. 

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  1. I’m so sad! I really hope they can find all that stuff. It’s not like either country is a third world nation or something!

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