Crafty Aide Gifts

Posted on Jun 2, 2008


I've know I've rambled on about my birthday for some time, but I get so many wonderful crafty presents that I would never buy myself.  It's just so much fun to share.  My good friend got me this sewing book.  I'm so excited about it.  It's a beginners guide which is exactly what I need.  It even includes 10 patterns.  It's fool proof for folks like me. 


My mother-in-law got me this Harmony Stitch Guide.  My knitting teacher had one of these books and I just loved it.  Thumbing through the pages seeing all the amazing stitches is so inspiring.  I can't wait to make another hat.  Now the tough part is picking which stitch I want to use.


My mom (like all of my family) is super good about reading my blog.  She saw me talk about tracing embroidery patterns by taping the pattern to the sliding glass door and using the sunlight as a natural light box.  This way works just fine, but it's a bit cumbersome.  Now with my new fancy light box from my mom, I will have the ease and comfort of tracing patterns any where I'd like.  Not to mention, trying to catch sunlight in Oregon can be a difficult task.

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