Girl Rebel

Posted on Jun 10, 2008

The beauty of house sitting for friends is that I get to re-visit projects that I had completely forgotten about.  I made this at least a decade ago for my friend's birthday.  I remember that she used to have a glass collection.  That is why I had glass on the front and had one piece be all jagged.  I seemed to remember she was partial to broken glass.  She is also an Aries and definitely a Girl Rebel.

I hollowed out the book and had more presents hiding inside.  I've never done anything like this again.  It was a really fun project.  I would love to do something like this in the future.

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  1. Yay! I love that book/artwork. I’m glad you noticed it — I’ve been proudly displaying it ever since you gave it to me. Was it really more than 10 years ago?! Wow. I forget to hide stuff inside, though … I’ll make a note of that.

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