8 years and counting

Posted on Jun 17, 2008


Eight years ago today, I woke up extremely nervous and anxious.  It was my wedding day.  I had no doubt that the person I was marrying was the perfect one for me.  Still the nerves of the day almost got the better of me.  One of the hardest things I've ever done was stand in front of my family and friends to exchange wedding vows.  I'm not one for speaking in front of crowds and I remember my mother-in-law feeding me the words one at a time.  Once the ceremony was over, I was free to relax and enjoy a wonderful party. 

Eight years later, I still have no doubts about my marriage.  I couldn't have asked for a better partner.  This picture was taken at Silver Falls State Park.  We were married in a field here.  It was so beautiful!


  1. My, how time flies! Congrats — and it was a great party, indeed!!

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  2. Has it been EIGHT years? That’s just crazy! Where has the time gone? Although, that was before all that crazy international stuff went down in my life so I guess it stands to reason.
    It will go down in history as the Mother of All Weddings. I loved it- peach schnaps, knockouts and all! So proud of you and thankful I could be part of history in the making. Oh and Greg’s pretty cool too. ;)

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  3. The best thing about that day? We got you!

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