Fresh Strawberries

Posted on Jun 23, 2008


Saturday my Mother-in-law came to town for an all day CD shopping extravaganza.  We hit 4 different CD stores looking for deals and we also had lunch.  It was such a fun day!  One of the best things about my Mother-in-law is that she is a Wife on the Farm.  Besides bringing us grape juice, apple butter and a chocolate pie, she also brought us all of these strawberries that were picked fresh that morning.  In less than an hour, I had them all washed, hulled, sliced and ready for the freezer.  I kept about a quart out for us to eat.  Fresh strawberries on chocolate pie is pretty much heaven. 



  1. I’ve never tried strawberries on top of chocolate cream cheese pie, but I think you’re on to something – that sounds wonderful! I do eat strawberries with triple chocolate chunk ice cream. I highly recommend it.

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  2. Love guests that come bearing gifts! Especially strawberries! They’re my favourite! Colour me green with envy!

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