Timberline Lodge

Posted on Jul 1, 2008

My husband and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary at Timberline Lodge this past weekend.  We drove to Hood River and went to their Saturday Market.  Hood River is such a cute town, but it was almost 100 degrees so we didn’t hang around there too long.


This was the view from our room.  Mt. Jefferson is so beautiful.

We spent the afternoon hiking right around Timberline.  I was amazed at how much snow was around since it was the last weekend in June.  Basically if we left the parking lot, we were immersed in snow.

Self-portrait in the snow.  We had brought our hiking poles which worked awesomely in the snow.  We were able to venture out much further with them.  Plus it saved me the anxiety of falling down and damaging my camera.  It was over 80 degrees on the mountain, so shorts were a must.

Timberline Lodge was a WPA project built in the 1936.  FDR christened the lodge in 1937.  It only took 15 months to complete which is astonishing since most of the laborers were unskilled and the whole building was built by hand.  The details are just amazing.  Each stair railing is carved (such as the picture above) and there is art in the architecture everywhere you look. 

All the hardware was just amazing.  I love all the wrought iron fixtures. 

Remember Pee-Chees?  The picture of the skier was taken at Timberline Lodge.


We had such a great time.  The dinner in the lodge was wonderful.  The sunset was gorgeous.  It was the perfect celebration.

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