Strawberry Pizza

Posted on Jul 7, 2008


For my friend’s Birthday, I made her the famous Fresno delicacy known as Strawberry Pizza.  I found the recipe here and it turned out really well.  I didn’t roll out the crust because frankly I don’t own a rolling pin.  I did figure out an easy trick to make the job go quickly.  The dough needed to chill for an hour.  After that, I put the dough in the bottom of the pan.  I took the saran wrap (that I had covered the dough to chill in the frig) and put it over the dough.  Then I spread the dough out in the pan using my fingers.  Since there was a layer of saran wrap between my fingers and the dough, I didn’t have any sticky dough on my fingers. 

My friend was excited to see the strawberry pie.  Here first question was ‘are these Wife on the Farm berries”.  Why yes, they are. 


  1. Well, I’m picking myself up off the floor over the fact that you don’t own a rolling pin and yet you’re such a great cook… I know what to get you for Christmas.
    I’ll have to tell the farmer that his berries have quite the good reputation in Portland. Glad she enjoyed them. I’ll have to try that recipe myself.

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  2. Yum! That looks delicious. So, Fresno has a local delicacy, huh? I wonder what Sunnyvale’s signature dish would be …

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  3. Seriously, that looks soooooo good. I am so hungry right now and nothing in my house looks good. But that does!! Any chance you can make another batch and bring it out for me? I’d really appreciate it. :)

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  4. That pizza is soooo yummy . . . I am turning strawberry colored and round after eating it for days now. I can’t wait to finish it off, maybe tonight! You’re the best!!!

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