Embroidered Mandala

Posted on Jul 10, 2008


I’m so excited that this is done!  It feels like I’ve been working on it forever.  I’m so happy with how it turned out.  I just love it.  The entire project is far from done.  That will be another blog post…hopefully soon.  But for now, I’m relishing in the joy of having completed the embroidery part of the project. The whole thing is almost 8 inches around.


This turned out to be a sampler. Half of the fun was going through this book (just given to me by my wonderful Sis) and this book looking for different stitches to try.  I practiced on a spare piece of linen before diving into my piece.  Only the split stitch is repeated.  I used it for the pink scrolls and the green triangles.  Initially I was going to fill in the triangles with a variation of the satin stitch.  After filling in a few triangles, I didn’t like how it looked, so I pulled it out and just left it alone.  I didn’t have anything really planned out.  I changed my mind many times on what I was going to put where.  That spontaneity made the piece fun.


Key of Stitches

  1. Double Cross (very center in burgundy)
  2. Interlaced Back Stitch (dark and light Blue)
  3. Seed Stitch (light blue)
  4. Back Stitch (medium blue)
  5. Blanket Stitch (burgundy)
  6. French Knot (orange)
  7. Sheaf Filling Stitch (medium blue)
  8. Rosette Chain Stitch (green – hard!  Definitely practice first)
  9. Coral Stitch (medium blue)
  10. Split Stitch (green and pink)
  11. Satin Stitch (burgundy)
  12. Raised Needle Weaving (dark green)
  13. Whipped Running Stitch (burgundy/salmon)
  14. Stem Stitch (burgundy)

PackRat Power: I used the left over number beads from an old project as a low tech method of labeling the different stitches.  It worked like a charm!


  1. You are so talented! Not only do you do amazing work with thread, but your blog is so cool with the stitches referenced so that we can see just how crazy good your skills are!

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  2. The embroidery is gorgeous, and the way you labeled it with those beads is just ingenious. You are the most creative person I know!

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  3. Wow — that is stunning. I don’t think I like you anymore!

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  4. I, too much bow down to the shrine of your Cool Craftiness! This is beautiful. I wish my mom could see it and do her oohing and ahhhing!

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  5. WOW! I’m wanting a lesson! That’s beautiful, Jolie. Does this qualify for a WAW entry? It sounds like it will be part of another project. What will you do with it? You’re truly amazing!
    Love you!

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