Encaustic Painting Class – Week 1

Posted on Jul 18, 2008


I had my first Encaustic Painting class last night at Multnomah Art Center.  I’m taking the class with my sister and a friend.  The first class was very slow. We learned some history and saw some examples of the instructor’s work.  We were given a wood panel and a thin piece of cardboard to put the wood on. 

These pictures were taken with my new iphone; they aren’t the greatest.  But it was so great to have a handy camera nearby to capture what we were doing. 


Then we spent the rest of the class put clear beeswax (mixed with resin) on our wood panels.  It got pretty boring fast. 


Towards the end of class, we practiced carving into the wax.  This is a second piece I started on Masonite.  I wish this picture was better.  I used a tin to make the circles, a tracing wheel to make dotted lines across the wax and finally I free handed a tree with leaves. 

We ended leaving class about 45 minutes early which allowed me to make it home in time for my dance show (the best show on TV).  Next class should be better.  We were promised color! 

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