Bike Ride Along the Willamette

Posted on Aug 18, 2008


My husband is training for the Portland Marathon in October.  He has to do these really insane runs to prepare.  This Sunday he had to run 15 miles.  My Father-in-law and I rode our bikes in support.   We handed him food and water along the way. 


This is the second time I've accompanied my husband on these long runs.  The first time I didn't have my camera and I saw Blue Heron, Baby Osprey and lots of other cool wildlife.  This time around this little guy was the only wildlife I saw. 


I just love these weird flowers that were going to seed.  They look almost alien.



On the Springwater Corridor, there aren't too many places to stop and rest.  This is one of the few places that had benches.  It was such a pretty day even if it was super hot. 


I got a new bike seat this week.  The first long bike ride of the season was done on the bottom seat.  That is just wrong.  Why did I ever think that this seat was a good idea?  I've moved up to the grandma of all seats and it's made me so much happier. 

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