Chipmunk Fever

Posted on Sep 4, 2008


People who know me, know I love squirrels.  The only thing I like more than squirrels are chipmunks.  During our hike last weekend on Mt. Howard, we were surrounded by tons of very friendly chipmunks.  I was in hog heaven.   I probably took more pictures of the chipmunks than I did of the vistas.  This little guy was so friendly and took me by surprise when he jumped on my leg.  Chipmunks tried to get into my backpack and even jumped on my husband's wrist and took a bite out of his prayer bead bracelet. 






I did manage to find more wild life, but not much.  These birds were very plentiful and very noisy.  We also saw 4 dear and many hawks driving to Eastern Oregon.



In the Imnaha Valley, we came across a covey of quail.  I hadn't seen quail in a million years and they were always a favorite of my mom's.  They were super fast and I only managed to get a picture of the very last one.


  1. I didn’t know that hawks could drive! Chipmunks that jump on you and hawks that drive? The wild life is a little scary over in Eastern Oregon!

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  2. So cute! Great photos, Jolie. Who could resist those little guys?!

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