Wondrous Art Wednesday

Posted on Sep 17, 2008


Wow, I can't believe I went without blogging for so long.  Time has just gotten away from me.  Today when thinking about what to post, I just wanted to have some art with birds.  They always have a calming effect on me.  I love Richard Longden's birds.  They are just so whimsical and fun.  They make me smile.  Richard is having a sale on his Etsy's site, so this would be a great time to pick up one (or three) of his prints.  








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  1. Why am I so drawn to art with words? So interesting! Oh on the same vein, I have been meaning to tell you about this artist. Check her out! I kept running across her at the art shows I go to and I finally struck up a conversation with her. Tell me what you think!http://juliahepburn.blogspot.com/

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