I’m ready for change

Posted on Nov 5, 2008


Along with the rest of America, I was glued to my TV last night.  I was thrilled that slightly after 8pm pacific time, Barack Obama was elected president.  I had been trying not to get my hopes up since I've been disappointed in the last two elections.  Finally, America has the opportunity to repair the damage of the past 8 years.  I hope we as a country we will work together to make all the changes Obama proposed during his campaign.  His acceptance speech was dead on.  It will take a individuals and a united country for real change to happen.  This was the first step in the right direction. 


These pictures were taken with my iphone.  His speech brought tears to my eyes.  As I heard a lot of people say last night, I feel so proud of my country and can't wait to see what happens next.





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  1. Great pics! Great TV! What was Mrs. O thinking with that dress?

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