Wine Cork Ring Holder Tutorial – Glued Version

Posted on Jan 31, 2012


While gearing up for the craft fair season before the holidays, I knew I wanted to make a large ring holder as a display for my felt flower rings.  I created this wine cork tutorial last July.  I knew I didn’t have the time needed to make another ring holder like I did previously. Under a time crunch, I opted to use glue.


This holder is 2 feet by 8 inches with a total of 104 corks.  I started by putting all of corks into the holder I purchased from Goodwill.  I re-arranged the corks until I had them exactly how I wanted them.


Then I took out one row at a time, put a line of glue (I used E6000) down the middle of the open space, and gently put the corks back into the holder.  This was a very speedy process and the whole project took about 30 minutes.


Here is the finished wine cork ring holder.  It takes 24 hours for the glue to set.  Because of this, you can see how some of the corks shifted making the perfect rows I had started with – not so perfect.

The other issue I had with this holder is that the glue is firmly holding those corks in place.  When corks shifted, it created some spots that were too tight or too loose to hold rings.


Gluing the corks is absolutely an option when creating a wine cork ring holder, but I think you would have better luck following the directions from my first wine cork ring holder tutorial that uses no glue.  This version gives you the option to move the corks around. The corks also aren’t held too firmly in place, so rings easily fall into place and stay there.  You won’t have the issue of spaces between the corks being too tight or too loose. I found that the first version created a better look and much better usability of the holder.

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