Junk to Funk 2008

Posted on Nov 20, 2008


Last Saturday, Smartwick and I had a great evening out.  First we hit happy hour at Bernie's Southern Bistro (great happy hour!) and then we went to our favorite knitting instructor's book signing at Close Knit.  It was great to see her and get my book autographed.  It was my first time at Close Knit and the people were so nice.  I purchased yarn to make the beloved Gauntlet Gloves.  They told me that I could return any unopened unused yarn that I didn't need.  Talk about service!

Then we made our way to the Wonder Ballroom for the 3rd annual Junk to Funk Fashion show.  The show exceeded my expectations.  It was so much fun and the designs were amazing.  This dress made from old Vogue magazines was my favorite. 


This was the first model on the run way.  Seeing how fabulous she looked, I knew it would be a great night.  The show was hosted by our beloved (and cute!) mayor elect Sam Adams.


The couch dress won the audience award and second place.  It was breathtaking.


The zipper dress received a ton of applause from the audience and won third place.  It was amazing to see how many of the designers were also the models for this show.  


I love this local shout out since this dress is made from Franz bread wrappers.  So fun!

My poor iphone could not handle the glare of the bright lights.  My pictures were miserable.  Luckily I found this great article with amazing pictures.   She difinitely had the inside scoop and her article is filled with lots of interesting details about the show. 


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures and the link to that great article!
    I notice you are a knitter :)
    Wasn’t it awesome, how many knit/crochet designs there were?
    One crochet of plastic bags (the very first one, blue), one crochet out of audio tapes (mine, Soviet Mixed tapes), one knit out of video tape (awesome!!! I think it was called knotty tapes) and one knit of remnants of dress industry)
    Needlecrafts rule! :)

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  2. Nice post, Jolie. That was such a fun night! And these photos are great – my one complaint was that, from the floor, I couldn’t see the shoes. (And I think you know how I feel about shoes.) And Olga, I loved your dress – such a great story behind the design!

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  3. I would have LOVED this! So cool! I can’t stop looking at the pics. You’re right though- that first one is a great way to start the show off right!

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