Felt Wedding Bouquets

Posted on Jul 28, 2009


My beautiful sis got married a month ago.  Before her wedding she sent me a picture of a felt bouquet that had appeared in a magazine.  She said that she would love to have something like this for her bouquet.  I took one look at the picture and stated “I can do that”.  That started a project that lasted months and was quite a labor of love.


Before I could begin I had to figure a few things out.  My sis gave me these paint chips as her wedding colors.  I picked out felt (and some flannel) to use as my color palette.


I invested in a Big Kick from Sizzix, because I didn’t want to be cutting a zillion flowers by hand.  I purchased this and the die cuts from JoAnn’s during a 40% off sale.  I have nothing but good things to say about the Big Kick.  I could cut two layers of felt at at time and the whole thing was a breeze.  It’s definitely a good investment and something I will use for years.


After I had my cut flowers, I had to figure out how to assemble them.  The example bouquet used vintage buttons.  I also used buttons, but went with abalone shell as my main buttons, because they added a nice shiny fancy look.  I used smaller acrylic buttons to help round things out.  I also set up rules about what colors to use when and how I was going to embellish the flowers with embroidery.  Having boundaries to work within helped make the flowers gel together even though each flower was unique.


This is the demo I mocked up to get a sense of what the heck I was doing.  I used floral wire as my stem.   This flower is about 2 inches wide.  I ended up making most of the flowers smaller than this.


Once I realized that this project was actually going to work, I put flower combinations together in individual zip lock bags.  In the end, I changed almost every single flower that I had previously put together, but having them set up like that really helped me to visually figure out what I was doing.  I ended up not using the blues because the fabric was not cooperating with me.


Here are the first three flowers that I made and Atty who wouldn’t stand still.  After I had gotten this far, it was just a matter of making lots and lots of flowers.


Once I had lots of flowers made, I started to wire groups of them together to figure out how big each bouquet should be.  I also realized that I needed some smaller flowers to fill in gaps.  I didn’t embroider the smaller flowers.  I think it added a nice dimension to the bouquets.


My sis had the added request of a special flower to represent our grandmother who passed away a few years ago.  I made the white flower and used my grandmother’s turquoise beads.  This flower also served as something old and something blue.


Wrapping the bouquets was a challenge of its own.  All the tutorials I could find online about wrapping bouquets used an open stem wrap.  This wouldn’t work for me since my stems were wire.  Finally I just dove in and figured it out on my own.  First I wrapped the bouquets in felt to add some cushion to the handle and give it a better feel.  I also wanted to take away any possibility of wires poking people.


Then I wrapped the stems with floral tape.  This worked really well because the final ribbon stuck to the tape well and made wrapping the ribbon much easier.


Here is a finished bridesmaid bouquet.


Here are all the finished bouquets.  I’m overjoyed with how these turned out.  They came out much better than I had expected.  I had very few dead ends and mishaps.  I am so happy I could make this present for my sis.  Now every time she looks at her bouquet she will remember her beautiful wedding.

**I’m happy to answer any questions that you have.  Leave a comment and I’ll respond directly back to you.


  1. The bouquets were truly gorgeous and such a unique and meaningful keepsake for her. You are definitely the most creative person in the world!

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  2. Loved seeing the step-by-step! The photos nicely showcased the process. So how long did this take you? Estimated hours? If you had to do this over again, what would you do differently, knowing what you know now?
    welcome back to the blogosphere JolieGirl!

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  3. Good questions Danifesto! It’s hard to judge the length of time this took, but if I had to guess I would say cutting and putting the flowers together took at least 40 hours. Embroidering took at least 40 hours. Then putting the flowers into bouquets and wrapping them probably took another 8-10 hours. These estimates are probably way too low. I luckily had vacation time I had to take, so I spent a lot of Fridays watching movies and embroidering.
    There isn’t much I would do differently. I figured out short cuts along the way that helped decrease the time on each flower. I spent a lot of time thinking and planning this project before jumping in, so I had ironed out a lot of issues before I started. Luckily the ideas in my head translated well to the flowers.
    I’m thrilled to be back!

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  4. Amazing, Jolie. They’re all so beautiful and detailed, and your vision really shines through. I especially love the flower for your grandmother. You are so talented!

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  5. Thank you so much for posting this step by step!! I am trying to figure out how to tie up my flowers and it is nice to have something to go by :) They are SO BEAUTIFUL…GREAT JOB! I will say that if anyone else is interested in these that PrincessLasertron.com is the place to look….she has really made some AMAZING bouquets for brides!

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  6. these are amazing!!! thanks for sharing them… I’m so going to do this for my wedding in august… I love that they can be saved for years and years…. they make the crafter in me very happy!!! I’m checking out the big kick as we speak!!!

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  7. Beautiful bouquet! One question, if you don’t mind, how do you attach the flowers to the wire?

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  8. What dies did you use? I’m getting married and i want to do the same project for the whole event. PLEASE HELP!!

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  9. Wow! very creative flower bouquet its gonna be a perfect alternative for a fresh floral,I really like the idea and it looks so fun doing this,knowledgeable. :)

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  10. I am in the process of making my own bouquets for my wedding in May. I have purchased a Sizzix BigKick and a couple of dies. I am having trouble finding more flower dies though. Could you please tell me which dies you used so that I can find them and order them! =) I have a lot of smaller flowers, so I need to know of some dies that have bigger flowers on them for the bottom layers.
    PS….Your website helped me out a lot. I had purchased a kit from princesslasertron and I am making the rest of the bouquets on my own.

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  11. Wow! it was very innovative flower bouquet I like it so much in fairness its absolutely a great idea. :)

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  12. Wow! it was very innovative flower bouquet I like it so much in fairness its absolutely a great idea. :)

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  13. Those are fantastic bouquets. I’ve never thought felt could look gorgeous. It’s unique and a great alternative. Although I rarely see bouquets like this it’s either people have no idea how to make or where to get it. I also make artificial flower bouquets but yours is very different from mine and thanks for the step by step tutorial, you’re so creative.

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  14. beautiful idea.i live in australia so hunting down equipment could be interseting. i have 3 years untill my sons wedding.his fiance showed me the felt and button web sight so its fun looking.love your work.

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  15. where did you get all the different colors of felt? i was just asked to do a bouquet and love what you did, but don’t have a good source of a wide variety of felt.

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  16. I just did my first felt bouquet in Navy, Gold and white for a nautical look. Found some great wool blend felt on Etsy. Great color selection at Felt on the Fly, Benzie Bazaar and Giant Dwarf shops. Etsy was a good place for buttons too – check out Mariiam for buttons.

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  17. Keilani: I know there are lots of great felt options in etsy. I got my felt at Joann’s, but next time I’ll definitely go the Etsy route.
    JoAnn: Your nautical theme sounds amazing! I’d love to see a picture!

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  18. These felt flowers are really lovely I’m going to have a go at making a felt flower bouquet. I can’t work out how the stem is secured to the flower. Does anyone know?

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  19. Very lovely bouquets! they’re nicely done. The great thing about having bouquets with artificial flowers is, it last longer than the real ones and can be re-used if you want to, right?

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  20. These are fantastic! I run a wedding blog and I’m always looking for unique and diy ideas. Would you mind if I feature this tutorial? Check it out at DeeLovelyDay.blogspot.com and let me know! Thanks for sharing!

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  21. wow! these are so beautiful. my sister-in-law to be has asked me to do something similar for her. i have already made buttonholes out of felt and material, bridesmaid felt headbands and wands for the little girls. i am a bit nervous about doing the brides bouquet! my one query is, how did yu attach the wire to the back of the fet flowers?

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  22. VVery lovely bouquets! they’re nicely done. The great thing about having bouquets with artificial flowers is, it last longer than the real ones and can be re-used if you want to, right?

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  23. I love these bouquets! I’m wanting to make my bouquets like this for my wedding in March. We bought the Bigkick and when we tried to cut out the flowers, it hardly cut through the felt at all. Which die cuts did you use? Maybe we’re using the wrong ones?

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  24. That’s very odd! I’ve never had a problem cutting felt with any of the Big Kick dies. I often cut 3 or 4 pieces of felt at once and I still get clean cuts time after time. I’m sorry, I don’t have better advice for you.

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  25. What a wonderful bouquet. How did you attached the wires to the felt flower heads? Keep crafting! :)

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