Penis Cupcakes

Posted on Aug 3, 2009


Before my sis could get married, she needed a Bachelorette Party.  I tried to think of what a good dessert item for the party would be.  My sis had just taken her friend to get the Cock and Balls at Voodoo Doughnut.  So I figured I need to make her something and I decided that Penis Cupcakes would be a hit. 


I bought the cupcake molds at an adult store, but they are also available at Kitchen Kaboodle (who knew?).  Baking the cakes took some trial and error.  In the end, I found it best to fill the molds completely and then trim down the extra.  I tried filling half full or even three quarters full, but it just didn't create a good enough cupcake. 


Here are the cupcakes from the oven.  I trimmed each cupcake to get the end look I wanted. 


Frosting was very very hard.  It helped a lot to brush crumbs off of the cakes before frosting.  I don't usually do this with real cakes because I'm just that lazy.  But for these it made a huge difference.  I also toasted coconut because I thought it would make these even funnier.  I baked the coconut at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Check frequently and stir often.  I also piped whip cream into the centers.  This could have been done better, but it was hard to put much whip cream into the centers without them exploding.  I looked everywhere online for a tutorial, but I couldn't find any helpful tips.  I put each finished cupcake on a flattened out metal cupcake cup for easy portability.

My sis loved the cupcakes and the laughs were worth it alone. 


  1. These are beautiful and the coconut is pure genius! I can’t believe you filled them with cream, too. You are a mastermind.

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  2. So much thought put into these yummy treats! And eating all the rejects wasn’t too hard either!

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  3. I miss the penis cupcakes!

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