Pilgrimage to Bimbach

Posted on Aug 24, 2009


I just got back from a week long trip to Germany!  This was my first real trip in a couple of years and I was definitely ready.  My husband was born in Germany because both of his parents were in the military.  They returned to the US when my husband was about 2 years old.  The main adventure was to find the house where he used to live.  He lived in the tiny hamlet of Bimbach, just outside of Fulda, and we did find his old house. 


We spent 3 nights in Frankfurt very close to the Altstadt (old town) pictured above. 


Our hotel was located in the Apfelwein District.  My husband isn't a beer drinker, so he was in hog heaven with Apfelwein which is cheaper than soda.


Downtown Frankfurt


I have always loved fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.  We stopped at their hometown of Hanau.


Rothenburg was probably my favorite town.  We spent one night here. This pristine town was not bombed during WWII, so everything is original and old.




We went visited the Wuzberg Residenz which was amazing!  I couldn't resist taking a picture of the speed limits for tanks.


Munich is a beautiful city and easy to navigate on the subway.  We spent 3 nights here.  We made a day trip to Dachau and also to the Olympiaturm, home of the 1972 Olympics


We went inside so many beautiful cathedrals.  Everything is just so beautiful!



Marienplatz in Munich



We jammed packed each day with lots to see and do. 
We even survied the autobahn!  I'm so glad we went and I'm thrilled my husband got to see where he was born. 

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