Bargain Hunting 101

Posted on Aug 28, 2009


The day after getting back from Germany, I managed to make it to Bargain Hunting 101 at the Crystal Ballroom.  I got there about 20 minutes early and the line had already started.  Luckily my husband was happy to spend the time at Everyday Music across the street.  When noon struck the line to get in was all the way around the block.  Booths were set up in Lola's room as well as the main ballroom.  I managed to get a few gifts for folks, but also picked up a couple of goodies for myself that I just had to share. 


I have always craved a SmallThings piece since she started in 2002.  These necklaces are just so incredible and they are all handmade.  Because of this, the price has always been a bit too steep for me.  But I found this hummingbird necklace in lavender for more than half off the retail price.  I snapped this up as fast as I could!  I couldn't believe my luck.


I also picked up this cute fox ring from Soop for super cheap.  I've seen these rings before and have always loved them, but I just couldn't shell out the dough for them.  As well as being crafty and shy, I'm also very frugal.


I also bought a green tree ring to layer with the fox.  These are just cutest rings!  I managed to spend lots of money at this bargain craft show and I will show more once I've given presents out.  I can't wait for the next Bargain Hunting sale!

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