Topol in Fiddler on the Roof

Posted on Sep 3, 2009


Fiddler was the first play in Broadway series this year.  After having such a great experience with our season tickets last year, we opted to keep our seats for another year. 


Being born in the 1970's,  I grew up with Topol.  I've seen the movie a zillion times and can sing along to every song.  Getting the opportunity to see Fiddler with Topol was just incredible.  Every word, every gesture embodies Tevye. 


The play itself was really well done.  The sound was great.  We could clearly hear the softest of words, but the songs weren't crazy loud.  It was a nice blend.  The set was also very creative and used the stage well.  It was just a joy to watch this play.


The dream sequence is always fun.  I've had this song in my head since seeing the play.

This is a trailer for the production in Australia. It will give you a sense of how great this play is.

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