Tazo Tea for TEDxConcordiaUPortland Gift Bags

Posted on Mar 12, 2012



At the end of last year, I joined two committees.  I decided that since I wasn’t going to sell in 2012, volunteering for organizations that I love would be a great way to stay connected to my community.  Now I’m on the planning team for TEDxConcordiaUPortland!  I’m thrilled to be helping them this year.  I attended their inaugural event last year and I was so impressed with everything.  From the speakers to the organization of the day, everything exceeded my expectations.




I opted to help with the gift bags this year, because I figured that would be the best place where I could lend a crafty hand.  One of my friends works for Tazo Tea and helped me get a donation.  They graciously donated enough tea to create a 4 teabag sampler.  I broke down all the individual boxes of tea to create the samplers by wrapping them with hemp twine.  I liked the minimal packaging and the whole 600 tea samplers were pretty fast to make.  I became super adept at tying bows.




Registration for the event is still open!  I really hope you get a chance to attend this year.  This year’s theme is Becoming Extraordinary and our speaker line up is very impressive.  There will also be much more goodness in the gift bags.



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