Posted on Jan 1, 2010


Let's face it, last year was a bust.  It was the hardest year of my life.  It was also the most un-crafty year I've ever had.  I completely neglected my blog with only 21 posts in all of 2009.  Crafting is such a big part of my life, that I missed it when it was gone.  But sometimes in life, you have to buckle down and take care of other priorities first. 

I've been looking to 2010 as a new page for me.  It will be a great year!  There is so much I want to do and getting back to blogging is at top of my list.  

The song 'Brand New Day' from The Wiz has been stuck in my head recently.  I've been using these few lines as a mantra to get through the last few months. 

Everybody look around
'Cause there's a reason to rejoice you see
Everybody come out
And let's commence to singing joyfully
Everybody look up
And feel the hope that we've been waiting for

Everybody be glad
Because the sun is shining just for us
Everybody wake up
Into the morning into happiness

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  1. Yay ThatJolieGirl is back! Looking forward to the documentation of your craftiness!

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